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VQ Cartridge Kits_Caterpillar Replacement Pump Cartridge Kits
    Publish time 2020-08-26 10:51    
VQ Cartridge Kits_Caterpillar Replacement Pump Cartridge Kits

VQ Cartridge Kits_Caterpillar Replacement Pump Parts_Interchange, China Manufacturer Maragon

Maragon supply high quality replacement Caterpillar vane pump cartridge kits, which were exported for many years and have proven itself in many applications. 

Good quality, competitive price, be tested same as the OEM standard before the delivery, back by our 12 months warranty since shipping date, 100% equivalent to original Caterpillar's.

Features- Caterpillar VQ series cartridge kits, replacement pump parts

  • 100% interchange with original Caterpillar VQ cartridge kits

  • Strict quality control both on dimension tolerance and heat treatment

  • Every rebuilt pumps tested for volumetric efficiency, external leakage, and sound level

  • A long running duration as OEM

  • Rebuilt cartridge kits backed by a 18 month warranty, just like the original Caterpillar's

  • Up to 85% off list price by buying a remanufactured brand new cartridge kits

  • Large stock and a same day delivery after customer's order

Model Code Breakdown- Caterpillar VQ series cartridge kits, replacement pump parts

Caterpillar Part NumberDescriptionCaterpillar Part NumberDescription
1U2664Cartridge Kit1U2667Cartridge Kit
1U2665Cartridge Kit1U2669Cartridge Kit
3G2720Cartridge Kit1U3953Cartridge Kit
3G2721Cartridge Kit3G1266Cartridge Kit
3G2722Cartridge Kit3G1267Cartridge Kit
3G2723Cartridge Kit3G1268Cartridge Kit
3G2749Cartridge Kit3G1269Cartridge Kit
3G2750Cartridge Kit3G1270Cartridge Kit
3G2751Cartridge Kit3G1271Cartridge Kit
3G7658Cartridge Kit3G2238Cartridge Kit
4T3196Cartridge Kit3G2746Cartridge Kit
7J0580Cartridge Kit3G2832Cartridge Kit
7J7963Cartridge Kit3G2833Cartridge Kit
7J7966Cartridge Kit3G2834Cartridge Kit
7J7967Cartridge Kit3G2835Cartridge Kit
1U2652Cartridge Kit3G2836Cartridge Kit
1U2666Cartridge Kit4T1893Cartridge Kit
1U2668Cartridge Kit7J0565Cartridge Kit
1U3519Cartridge Kit7J0566Cartridge Kit
1U3952Cartridge Kit7J0570Cartridge Kit
3G2194Cartridge Kit7J0572Cartridge Kit
3G2195Cartridge Kit9J7890Cartridge Kit
3G2196Cartridge Kit1U2670Cartridge Kit
3G2197Cartridge Kit1U2671Cartridge Kit
3G2198Cartridge Kit3G2233Cartridge Kit
3G2199Cartridge Kit3G2234Cartridge Kit
3G2200Cartridge Kit3G2235Cartridge Kit
3G2717Cartridge Kit3G2236Cartridge Kit
3G2718Cartridge Kit3G2237Cartridge Kit
3G2752Cartridge Kit3G2239Cartridge Kit
3G2801Cartridge Kit3G2747Cartridge Kit
3G2802Cartridge Kit3G2748Cartridge Kit
3G2803Cartridge Kit3G2889Cartridge Kit
3G2804Cartridge Kit3G7656Cartridge Kit
3G7662Cartridge Kit4T0422Cartridge Kit
4T0417Cartridge Kit5J4502Cartridge Kit
4T2626Cartridge Kit5J5924Cartridge Kit
7J0554Cartridge Kit5J7517Cartridge Kit
7J0558Cartridge Kit5J8764Cartridge Kit
7J0559Cartridge Kit5J9852Cartridge Kit
7J0561Cartridge Kit6J1101Cartridge Kit
7J0562Cartridge Kit6J1534Cartridge Kit
7J0563Cartridge Kit7J1780Cartridge Kit
7J1397Cartridge Kit3G2837Cartridge Kit
9J7892Cartridge Kit9J7891Cartridge Kit

541288Vane Pump9J5050Vane Pump
541304Vane Pump8J0182Vane Pump
658970Vane Pump0H7254Vane Pump
540426Vane Pump9J5054Vane Pump
2P6961Vane Pump3K0538Vane Pump
4J4709Vane Pump3K9549Vane Pump
9J5044Vane Pump5J5910Vane Pump
9J5075Vane Pump5J8798Vane Pump
9J8183Vane Pump7J9594Vane Pump
649838Vane Pump7J9595Vane Pump
649893Vane Pump8J6178Vane Pump
657894Vane Pump9J5645Vane Pump
0H8197Vane Pump680399Vane Pump
7J6230Vane Pump6J6320Vane Pump
7J6730Vane Pump649893Vane Pump
8J9997Vane Pump649938Vane Pump
7J4748Vane Pump657894Vane Pump
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