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Replacement Vickers VQ cartridge kits_Aftermarket_ Interchange | Maragon Hydraulics
    Publish time 2020-08-27 10:51    
Replacement Vickers VQ cartridge kits_Aftermarket_ Interchange | Maragon Hydraulics

Vickers VQ Series Replacement Vane Pump Cartridge Kits

Maragon Hydraulics has a full-line of industrial, mobile & high pressure Vickers replacement vane pump cartridge kits. These remanufactured cartridge kits are compatible with our VQ series pumps and other similar designed pumps in the market. 

Maragon brand cartridge kits are high in performance, durability and reliability. The brand new “Maragon” remanufactured VQ series cartridge kits are widely used for hydraulic repair, vane pump repair, or an excellent choice of pump cartridge kits replacement of Vickers, same specification and duration as OEM, while 85% price off comparing with original Vickers cartridge kits. 

Our cartridge kits are not only directly interchangeable in performance and installation with the OEM units, but also offer a competitive price and lead time advantage. Not to mention, our extensive inventories assure a prompt shipping to anywhere in the world! 

Vickers VQ Series Replacement Vane Pump Cartridge kits Features

  • 100% interchange with original Vickers VQ cartridge kits

  • Strict quality control both on dimension tolerance and heat treatment

  • Every rebuilt pumps tested for volumetric efficiency, external leakage, and sound level

  • A long running duration as OEM

  • Rebuilt cartridge kits backed by a 18 month warranty, just like the original Vickers

  • Up to 85% off list price by buying a remanufactured brand new pump

  • Large stock and a same day delivery after customer's order

Vickers VQ Series Replacement Aftermarket Vane Pump Cartridge kits available for

  • 20V/VQ - 5/8/9/11/12/14 gpm

  • 25V/VQ - 12/14/17/19/21 gpm

  • 30V/VQ - 24/28 gpm

  • 35V/VQ - 21/25/30/35/38 gpm

  • 45V/VQ – 42/47/50/57/60 gpm

Vickers replacement VQ cartridge kits_parts_remanufactured_interchange

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