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Burrs unremoved in A11VO95 Cylinder block_Poor Quality Barrel
Source: | Author:Daniel | Published time: 2023-12-28 | 240 Views | Share:

Today we are going to talk about the importance of burrs removal process in manufacturing of replacement hydraulic pump cylinder blocks. Month ago, when our Maragon Hydraulics quality control engineer inspected a batch of A11VO95 cylinder blocks which are delivered from one of our parts supplier, they found that the burrs in some of the bottom holes had not been removed completely, and some of the burrs were particularly obvious, a big size burr standing over there. It must be that the workers in the workshop were not working seriously, but what is strange is the quality control process of the manufacturer. Where are their quality prosecutors? Are they drunk and no idea how to make the last quality control?  For details, please refer to the pictures as below to see what the poor condition is:

Burrs unremoved in A11VO95 Cylinder block_Poor Quality Barrel

1), Harm of burrs if  which were not removed completely in hydraulic pump cylinder blocks or barrels.

Friends who are engaged in the hydraulic industry and systems should be aware the harm of burrs in hydraulic pump or moto or the whole hydraulic systems.

A), When the cylinder block with burrs undergoes mechanical movement or vibration, the fallen burrs will cause premature wear of the sliding surface of the cylinder block hole or the valve plate or the piston shoe, which will increase noise, and even cause the rotary group are stuck and the action fails.

B), For the entire hydraulic system, if the burrs fall off, the burrs will exist in the tiny working gaps of each hydraulic component, causing the control valve to get stuck and the circuit or filter to be blocked. Accidents can also cause fluid turbulence or laminar flow, which will reduce the performance of the hydraulic system and then affect the normal operation of the system. All in all, every burr inside the hydraulic pump motor cylinder blocks should be removed and carefully checked to ensure that no burrs are missing.

Burrs Zero Cylinder block_good Quality Barrel_Maragon Hydraulics

2), Why to purchase replacement parts from Maragon Hydraulics

Over 20 years of experience in hydraulics and as a leading supplier for quality replacement hydraulic components and parts in China, we know hydraulics better and know how to control the quality and supply all our customer with the best quality and much competitive hydraulics products made in China. 

All hydraulic cylinder blocks or barrels shipped from Maragon hydraulic are all strictly quality checked, both in dimensions and all other details like burrs clearance etc to guarantee a high quality. The poor A11VO95 cylinder blocks with "unremoved burrs in piston hole " will never be supplied by Maragon Hydraulics. But, you have the possibility to receive such poor A11VO95 cylinder blocks from other China hydraulic suppliers.


Kindly work with Maragon hydraulics and make Maragon be your reliable, valuable, one-stop hydraulics partner in China.


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