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A2FM45_Step Hole Cylinder block_Poor Piston Hole_Inferior Quality
Source: | Author:Frank Xie | Published time: 2023-12-18 | 150 Views | Share:

A few months ago, when Maragon Hydraulics’ quality control department checked the quality of hundreds of A2FM45 cylinder blocks delivered by one of our hydraulic parts suppliers, they found that some of the cylinder block piston holes were 2/3 of the way from the orifice (there were steps in the piston holes), for details, pls refer to the picture as shown hereby.

step hole_Poor A2FM45 cylinder block


Anyone who is engaged in hydraulic repair or an experienced hydraulic expert knows that the steps inside the piston hole should never be found, which can instantly destroy the piston and piston rings or shorten the service life of the remanufactured pump or motor. The steps inside the piston hole are like a sharp knife or a steel file which keeps scraping the piston and rings back and forth, causing them to be damaged abnormally.

The improper manufacturing of the production line workers is the root cause of this quality problem, but the manufacturer's production line quality inspectors and the final product warehousing quality inspectors are also negligent, allowing the improper operation of the workers, failing to find this quality defect in time and finally letting these inferior A2FM45 cylinder blocks with step holes be sent to customers and sold to the market is the most unacceptable.

If the quality control personnel from Maragon Hydraulics are also irresponsible or have no experience in how to check and control the quality, these poor quality cylinder blocks with step holes may be sold to the end customers all over the world.

fine piston hole_all holes quality checked

Over 20 years of experience in hydraulics and as a leading supplier for quality replacement hydraulic components and parts in China, we know hydraulics better and know how to control the quality and supply all our customer with the best quality and much competitive hydraulics products made in China. 

All hydraulic cylinder blocks of bi-metal sold by Maragon hydraulic are all strictly quality checked, both dimensions and all other details like the poor step holes to guarantee a high quality. The poor cylinder blocks with "step piston hole" will never be supplied by Maragon Hydraulics. But, you have more than 50% possibility to receive such poor A2FM45 cylinder blocks from other China hydraulic suppliers.


Kindly work with Maragon hydraulics and make Maragon be your reliable, valuable, one-stop hydraulics partner in China.


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