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How to find a reliable China supplier for hydraulic parts?
Source: | Author:Daniel | Published time: 2023-10-26 | 284 Views | Share:

Every year, lots of hydraulic users source replacement hydraulic pump parts from China. Chinese suppliers manufacture affordable and quality replacement pump parts in large quantities.  

But, you must learn how to differentiate a quality and inferior supplier from them. Sometimes, a trading company might claim themselves suppliers and sell you pricy, while inferior and no warranty pump parts. This article just shares something about how to find a reliable supplier for quality replacement hydraulic pump parts in China.  Let’s get rolling. 

There are mostly three types of replacement pump parts suppliers in China:

1, Manufacturers:

A manufacturer is the first on the supply chain which manufacture pump parts for resale or use. These suppliers often sell cheap but with a high min order quantity request. They prefer to deal directly with the wholesalers who normally buy in bulk. As a retailer, you can source pump parts easier from small Chinese manufacturers, but quality is somewhat concerned.

2, Wholesalers: 

A wholesaler buys in bulk and sells at reduced prices. The higher the volume, the better the discount. 

3, Trading Company:  

A trading company is the one who buy pump parts from the wholesalers and do export with higher price. Profit is something they think about mostly. They focus on mainly just price, pay less attention to the quality, service, warranty etc.

High quality replacement piston shoe made in China

Nanjing Maragon Hydraulics Co.,Ltd is a China leading wholesaler and manufacturer for various of replacement hydraulic components and replacement hydraulic pump parts (vane,piston and gear). For now, we are official distributor of SKS hydraulics, Liyuan Hydraulics, Huade Hydraulics, Jincheng hydraulics and more. All of these manufacturers are with good reputation both in quality, after-sale service and just in time delivery. 


We have over 20 years of experiences on hydraulic pump parts business.  We inspect and test every parts and components we sold. To get this object, Maragon hydraulics set up our own quality control team since the establishment of the company. We have advanced measuring facility as three-coordinates gauging machine, hard meter, high-power hydraulic test bench etc. We do hydraulics better, quicker, more economically - and are easy to deal with!


Different from other wholesalers and trading company, Maragon Hydraulics focus on parts quality mainly and more skilled. Purchasing with Maragon means "Excellent Service",  "Reasonable Price",  "Assured Warranty".


Difference is better!

Topics: How to find a reliable China supplier for quality replacement hydraulic pump parts?